Game Art/Design

Stan Lee presents: Rogue Legion

This game I worked on as an intern at Sandman Studios.  I was a character designer, story artist, and did 3D paintovers.

fleischerconcept harryconcept joeconcept wilma yukoconceptjoeflyroguelegion_final_ben


This game won “Best Student Production” at the 2014 Push Button Summit.  I was an animator/lead game designer/UI designer for this project.

cyberdino finished race_web hud_web MultiPlayerLobby_web raceResults raptor-pachycephelosaurus dilophosaurus spinosaurus T-rex velociraptor

Apocalypse Then

Ed Luchador meleeWeapons motorcycle rangedWeapons tank Wizard

Zombie Kitty Outbreak

nurseWhiskers2_web nurseWhiskers1_web drpaws_webnurseWhiskers_shy HUD mainMenu_web test fonts